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Grieving a Pet: Ways to Cope and Heal After Losing a cat

Ways to Cope and Heal After Losing a cat

It's been said that those who don't believe in the love people have for their pets have never owned a cat. I'm not sure who first said it, but it's certainly true for a person who has lived with cats. 

When our furry friends or children die, it feels like a piece of our hearts dies with them. For many people, their pets are their best friends, and it can be extremely difficult to cope with their loss. It's normal to feel a range of intense emotions after your pet passes away, such as sadness, anger, guilt, and loneliness. You may find yourself struggling to get out of bed or function normally in your day-to-day life. This is all part of the grieving process.

The loss of a pet can be just as hard as the loss of a human loved one

And you don’t have to justify yourself. Don’t let people gaslight you into thinking that your grief is not normal or justified. 


It's important to allow yourself to grieve in your own way and at your own pace

Taking some time off is quite understandable. It’s not yet considered like losing a member of the family, but it should be because they are. So, it’s okay to ask for some time off.


There are no right or wrong ways to mourn, as long as you're taking care of yourself
Mourn at your own pace but take time for yourself in the process. You can have a funeral, a memorial or some kind of ritual for them, or not, it is up to how you feel.  


Don't be afraid to seek out support from friends or professionals if you need it

Talking about your grief can help you process it, so I strongly recommend it, but there is no right or wrong way to process your grief.


Remember the good times you shared with your pet and cherish those memories

You have the right to look through the millions of pictures you have of your cat, remember the good times can help you feel better


Allow yourself to feel happy again someday

Take the time you need but know that your cherished cat will always be in your heart and accompany you. And with this, you’ll be able to be happy again.


Now that I’ve cried my eyes out writing this thinking of my cat passing away, I hope this post will be able to help you with your grief. Are you in this situation and don’t feel understood? If so, feel free to DM me on Instagram at @bloire.latelier so we can chat about it.

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