Measure your Cat for their Harness

Measure you Cat for a Harness

What you'll need

You'll need a soft tape measurer,
like those found in sewing cuts. If you don’t have one piece of string or
shoelace should do if you don't have one on hand!

Measuring your cat for a Harness. Front Measurement.

Front Measurement

Measure a girth around your cat’s neck, right
above the collarbones.

Measuring your Cat for a Harness

Back Measurement

Measure a girth around your cat’s chest, just behind the front legs

Harnesses should fit comfortably,
but not too tightly.

You should be able to slip a maximum of two fingers between the harness
and your cat's skin if he is wearing it correctly - this will ensure that they
cannot remove their harness on their own or break free.

Our Harnesses Measurements

  • For very Furry Cats

    For those with furry cats: make sure you measure the skin and not their fur! You want your harness to fit right around them, so it isn't too loose.

  • First Harness Fit

    For more information on How to Introduce your cat to their new Harness, read our blog post about it here.

    Harness Train Your Cat 
  • Reevaluate size

    It is important to check the size of your harness often and adjust it as necessary, especially in kittens. Kittens grow quickly! We recommend every 6 months.

Don’t hesitate to email us if you have any more questions on how to measure your cat for their harness