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Cat Toy Buttery Croissant

Cat Toy Buttery Croissant

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Cat Toy Buttery Croissant

The Buttery Croissant is the stuff of dreams for any cat...and human ! This croissant-shaped toy is filled with catnip, making it the perfect way to keep your feline friend entertained for hours on end. The premium cotton construction ensures that this toy will stand up to even the most energetic kitty play time. So go ahead and give your cat the gift of The Buttery Croissant today - they'll be sure to thank you for it!

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Body size: 11.5 x 6cm (4.5 x 3 inch)

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Customer Reviews

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Si beau cadeau!

J'ai acheté le croissant comme cadeau pour le chat d'une amie, il l'adore!!! En plus c'est trop mignon quand même 🥐😍
À peine offert il ne le lâchait pas une seconde

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Speaking of Emily in Paris, this butter croissant toy is the ideal way to engage your cat’s instinct to sink their teeth into things while providing you some time to, er, actually make some croissants?

- The Wildest

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About the product


Made with natural, high-quality linen and cotton
Filled with a mix of premium catnip and cotton
Designed for maximum feline fun


Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, Bowties, Bandanas: Hand wash only, Air-drying only.
Toys: No washing. Spot clean only. Our toys contain catnip and washing them may damage the toys.


100% cotton
Filling: 2g of catnip & cotton

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