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Toy Bundle Indoor Hike

Toy Bundle Indoor Hike

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Toy Bundle Indoor Hike

Bundle up and save. Bring your cat on an indoor hike with this mountain & cloud bundle. Made with premium cotton and filled with crispy catnip, these toys are sure to keep your feline friend entertained for hours on end. Not to mention, it'll look great in your home with its quality linen material. Let your cat reach for the sky with this purrfect bundle.

This bundle includes : 

Puffy Cloud body size: 9 x 9cm (3.5 x 3.5 inch)

Snowy Mountain body size: 10 x 7cm (4 x 2 inch)

Essential Cat Toy body size : 20 x 5cm (8 x 2 inch)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Je n’ai pas peur de laisser traîner mes nouveaux jouets ! Ils se fondent super bien avec mon décor et les chats en raffolent 🥰
ILs sont parfait ! Le concept « Shake & Bake » dans le sac avec l’herbe à chat, J’ADORE !

Un irritant de moins dans ma vie

Avant les jouets pour chats qui traînent ça m’irritait, maintenant ça me fait sourire :) je suis définitivement une fan après ma première commande de jouets qui sont encore plus beaux en vrai et la qualité est superbe

Seriously the best!

My cats are obsessed with these toys! I have to take them away after a while because they get so wild I think they will shred them up 😂and now they want to get into the drawer where they are hiding until the next play time.

Sierra Smith
My cat LOVES these toys!

High quality and SO cute. They are one of my cats favorite toys - she chases them all over the house!

As featured on

Speaking of Emily in Paris, this butter croissant toy is the ideal way to engage your cat’s instinct to sink their teeth into things while providing you some time to, er, actually make some croissants?

- The Wildest

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About the product


Made with natural, high-quality linen and cotton
Filled with a mix of premium catnip and cotton
Designed for maximum feline fun


Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, Bowties, Bandanas: Hand wash only, Air-drying only.
Toys: No washing. Spot clean only. Our toys contain catnip and washing them may damage the toys.


100% cotton
Filling: 2g of catnip & cotton

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