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Leash Meadow

Leash Meadow

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Leash Meadow

The Meadow Leash is the perfect cat accessory for those who care about their environment and want to make a difference. Not only is it made with 100% recycled polyester, it is also delicate and playful, making it the perfect addition to any outing with your cat. So ditch the boring old leash and join the movement with the conscious leash.

Upgrade to our Walk Kit (which includes the matching Harness) and save 10% while you’re at it.

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Customer Reviews

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Anne-Marie Thibault
Unique leash

Leash Meadow
As said, the harness is awesome and the leash is too, perfect length for a cat (longer than for a dog) and fits perfectly with the harness. Great quality! It felt safer than any other leash I have used over the years. Overall a great kit, I just hope they’d offer it as a bundle.

Samuel Cartright
The perfect set !

The leash fits perfectly with the harness. What a bundle ! I Love it and I enjoy the size/lenght. Both the harness and the leash are a bit bigger than the cheap cat harnesses I’ve bought in the past, so this one fits better but it is still clearly made for a cat, wow I am really happy. Please, and with recycled materials, who could ask for more?

About the products


Made with recycled polyester
Carbon coated metal D-rings


Lenght: 150 cm


Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, Bowties, Bandanas: Hand wash only, Air-drying only.
Toys: No washing. Our toys contain catnip and washing them may damage the toys.


Made with recycled polyester and carbon coated metal D-rings

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